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St Georges Crypt

St Georges Crypt is the largest Homeless charity in Leeds and at the time of writing has just celebrated its 85th Birthday. Working with the homeless, vulnerable and those suffering from addiction, St Georges Crypt believes that by demonstrating the love of Christ in a caring and practical way, lives can be transformed, regardless of people‚Äôs circumstance. Link Universal’s ‘Jumpers Jackets and Coats’ project collect winter clothing on a annual basis for the clients of St Georges Crypt.


Faith Lodge edit

Faith Lodge

The Faith Lodge hostel helps men recovering from addiction inclusive of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and/or gambling. Made homeless by their addictions, Faith Lodge helps give these vulnerable individuals the support they need in a caring and safe environment free from the inherent dangers of life on the streets. Link Universal’s ‘Jumpers Jackets and Coats’ project collect winter clothing on a annual basis for the clients of Faith Lodge.

The Lighthouse Project – West Yorkshire


The Lighthouse Project Is a Sunday Church service for the vulnerable in society who feel uncomfortable within a normal church setting. The congregation are those that have been directly effected and involved with addiction and homelessness and some are ex-offenders. Link Universal’s ‘Jumpers Jackets and Coats’ project collect winter clothing on a annual basis for the congregation of The Lighthouse Project.


Pasquale Palmisano

Pasquale Palmisano is an Italian Private chef with 30 years experience of working throughout Europe. From central London restaurants including ‘Cipriani’ and ‘Zafferano’ to ‘Relais Chatou’ in Italy and ‘Verde’ in Spain, he has enjoyed and gained the best training from well renowned and respected establishments. Born in Italy, he has extensive knowledge of Southern Italian cuisine and is a member of ‘Ateneo Della Pizza’ . He has a love for Japanese food – with over 10 years of Sushi making experience as well as Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Based in Leeds, he is available for at home dinner parties and larger catering events.


The New Generation Academy

The New Generation Academy is an independent primary school based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Part of the school’s mission is to give back by offering an education to needy orphans. At the time of writing, The New Generation Academy support the education of nine orphans who study side by side with the everyday pupils that attend the school. By socialising the orphans in to a real school environment, with teachers who care, these children are given the real opportunity of an education and a future away from the cruel and harsh life on the streets.


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Salt and Light

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Dil Eyre

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Thailand and Burma


Life Impact International

Based throughout Thailand and Burma, Life Impact International’s vision for their charity is Love resulting in their initiation of many humanitarian projects. These include, working with and creating children’s homes, orphanages, hostels and feeding programs for the poor with a focus on rescuing children from a life of forced labour, prostitution and slavery. The second arm of their ministry is the Power of preaching the Gospel. As such they spearhead evangelical crusades, Bible camps, seminars,provide leadership training as well as the planting and support of local churches and general church ministry. By focusing on the Power of Jesus Christ, Life Impact International bring a life saving message to people in their real time of need.

To make a general donation directly to this charity please click HERE To make a donation directly to this charity for a specific project please click HERE



Missione Possibile

French Charity, Missione Possible is a non profit organisation which supports missionary and humanitarian projects inclusive of school education, good health care, respect for the family structure and freedom of thought. Their work in Cambodia centers around the children who in many cases suffer neglect, no education, abuse and exploitation. Missione Possibile believe that by investing in the children of today, they will improve the generation of tomorrow.



Seru Rabeni


Famed for his years as a Fijian Rugby Union player and his fearless, bone crunching attitude on the pitch, Seru Rabeni has earned his place as a firm favorite among Rugby enthusiasts. Now living in Hong Kong, where he was part of the cup winning team in 1999, Seru continues to play rugby at a more leisurely pace and runs rugby clinics for kids . He also continues to concentrate more on fundraising initiatives to raise money for educational development in his home village of Nasolo in Fiji. He explains……

”I cant get away from my village. If I had millions, I would change it overnight”

By taking his steely determination from the pitch and applying it to his attitude towards fundraising, Seru is heading in the right direction to achieve his million dollar mission for the sake of his people back home.

Link Universal is always looking for fellow individuals, charities and NGOs to partner up with so as to achieve the goal of fundraising for a common cause. If you are interested in partnering with Link Universal then please get in touch at info@linkuniversal.co.uk

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