Jumpers Jackets Coats

JJC is a seasonal project created by Link Universal that collects Jumpers Jackets and Coats for the Homeless and marginalised of Leeds at Christmas. Leeds is notoriously cold during winter time and knowing this, our local Link Universal volunteers collect donations


Steel Drum 4 Jamaica

Steel Drum 4 Jamaica is a community project which collects much needed clothes and supplies for children and families in Jamaica. Quite simply, our UK supporters donate, our local Link Universal volunteers collect and all gifts are sent by ship in a steel drum


New Quest Academy

In 2015, Link Universal partnered up with The Quest Academy, an independent primary school in Bulgaria. This school takes in orphans allowing them an education which would not be possible otherwise. Link Universal has already donated funds to


Salt and Light

In 2015, Link Universal partnered with The Salt and Light Project in Romania raising funds to assist the special needs adults, children, orphans and abandoned children that the project supports.


Dil Eyre

In 2016, Link Universal partnered with The Dil Eyre Project, raising money for the families and unaccompanied children that lived in the Calais camp. Now the camp has been dismantled, Link Universal has agreed to fundraise for those unaccompanied children who are now looking for foster homes.

Thailand and Burma

Life Impact International

In 2014, Link Universal partnered up with Life Impact International in bringing funds to rescue children from forced labour, prostitution and slavery in Thailand and Burma. A notorious problem throughout the world, Life Impact International have identified that the more likely


Missione Possibile

Link Universal and Italian charity, Missione Possibile first came together in 2014 when they launched the ‘Working It For Cambodia’ fundraiser. This was held in Hong Kong and proceeds from the event went towards completing the building of a much needed


Seru Rabeni

In 2015, Link Universal partnered up with famous rugby player, Seru Rabeni to bring the Fiji Fizz fundraiser to Hong Kong. This event raised money for the building of a much needed kindergarten in Seru’s home town village of Nasolo in Fiji. With the architectural drawings


Quaker School, Kimalewa

In 2006, 2009 and 2012 Link Universal partnered with the Quaker school, in Kimalewa, Kenya by raising school fees for underprivileged and orphaned children enabling them an education. We also raised fees for educational supplies and gave gifts

Our Partners


St Georges Crypt is the largest Homeless charity in Leeds and at the time of writing has just celebrated its 85th Birthday. Working with the homeless, vulnerable and those suffering from addiction, St Georges Crypt believes that by demonstrating the love of

Link with Us


Whether you are a large organisation, small charity or individual, we would like to hear from you if you want to link with us to help those less fortunate. Please feel free to contact us at or call us on 0741 2887561.

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It was 2006 when Ann Marie and Mindy went on their first trip to Kenya after a fund raiser they had organized in Hong Kong. From Nairobi to Kimalewa and armed with. Read More...

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