ST GEORGE’S CRYPT – Success Stories – Lives Saved! by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 10:58 am

St George’s Crypt – Success Stories – Lives Saved!

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The well renowned, St George’s Crypt is a long established homeless charity based in central Leeds which celebrated its 85th Anniversary last year. It was started by Don Robbins, who was a newly appointed reverend in the 30’s. He saw the real need of the homeless made destitute by poverty, despair and lack of work and decided to open the doors of the Crypt for those in need.

The charity has grown tremendously since this time and continues to develop and move forewords so as to stay true to its ethos of helping the homeless and marginalised. It is a noted fact that nothing makes the staff and volunteers at ‘St George’s Crypt’ happier than to see the success stories of those that have been helped by the charity.

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To see for yourself what a difference this charity does make and discover the lives that it saves, check out their latest mini film put together in partnership with the NHS. Hopefully and along with many others, you will be grateful that this social service is a firm staple in the city of Leeds and understand more fully why ‘Link Universal‘ is proud to be partners with St George’s Crypt.

Watch this Mini Film to Find out More

To find out more about St George’s Crypt and how you can support the charity, please Click here

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