The Story of Two Brothers, Some Sisters and a School Called St Margaret’s. by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 3:47 pm

Talk at St Margaret’s C of E Primary School, 23rd Sep 2016

Recently, I had the great pleasure of returning to St Margaret’s C of E Primary School in Leeds

to update them on my most recent trip to Romania. I always find great joy in talking to these little ones and being invited to speak at their assembly. Their sense of enthusiasm and willingness to help knows no bounds and I am sure that their Head teacher, Mrs Harridge must be very proud of her well mannered, rounded, and attentive students!



Note 2 Change graphics
St Margaret’s Primary, Note 2 Change Fundraising Campaign


As mentioned in a previous post, the ‘Note 2 Change’ campaign was the vehicle in which the students raised their funds. Fellow student Jem Windridge- France,  headed the campaign by rallying all his school mates to collect as many notes and as much loose change from their friends, families and supporters as possible. In the end,

they raised a total of £315.18 for the special needs orphans,  adults and children that live in Hunedoara.

As such St Margaret’s were applauded for their donation at the Alwoodley Family Fun Day (Link Universal‘s latest

Jem Windridge-France presenting a cheque of £315.18 to Link Universal on behalf of St Margaret’s C of E Primary.


fundraiser) as their cheque was presented on stage by Jem.  Plus the Alwoodley Family Fun Day was covered by presenter ‘Kerry Maule‘ of The Lowdown Leeds, a whats on show, aired by ‘Made in Leeds’ TV. This gave the children at St Margaret’s even more coverage with regards to their fundraising activities.

It’s ‘face painting’ time for Kerry Maule presenter at Made In Leeds TV
Goody bag and prizes from our sponsors and Link Universal Certificate of Excellence for the lucky winners – class 4M.


However, the Note 2 Change campaign was also a competition between all the classes of St Margaret’s meaning that only one class could be the ultimate winners. Luckily for winning class 4M, Link Universal have some great sponsors who swiftly got on board and donated goody bags and prizes for the winning class. Along with Link Universal Certificates of excellence, 4M were very happy with their gifts.

Archie Windridge-France, the inspiration behind the Note 2 Change Fundraiser

However, before announcing the winners, the children would first have to sit through my story – the true story of Two brothers, some sisters and a school called St Margaret’s.

The story centered around two brothers namely Archie and Jem Windridge-France. Archie the eldest brother has profound special needs and his younger brother Jem, has spent much of his life fundraising on behalf of his brother and others like him. The story then went on to explain my latest trip to ‘Romania’ and the special needs projects that I volunteered on whilst there. It was after almost a week before I realised that although I was there to look after the special needs individuals, it was the special needs girls who were looking after me.


My Romanian Sisters


They stroked my hair, hugged me and smiled in my direction constantly.  On the day that I left they began to cry and showered me with presents.

My Romanian Sisters


They had no money or anything of value, so they gave me their own belongings. Having nothing, they were still able to give.

A bond was formed – I now call them my sisters!

Presents from my Sisters in Romania


My story then came to an end with the pupils of St Margaret’s. Their dedication to the cause and their compassion for those less priviledged than themselves. Due to  their steely fundraising determination they are now able to make a difference in other’s lives.

For our children to actively take part in helping those less fortunate and at the same time grasp an understanding between the haves and have nots is imperative to give the future generations hope in a world, often devoid of such a quality.

To bridge the gap of poverty, however large or small, is a blessing for all involved.


The children of St Margaret’s C of E Primary wasted no time in fundraising for the Note 2 Change campaign


In conclusion my story ended on a thoughtful note as I explained that if it were not for Archie there would be no need to fundraise for others like him and if it wasn’t for the love of his brother Jem, there would be no Note 2 Change Fundraising Campaign. If it were not for my sisters in Romania and their appreciation there would be no incentive to help. And if it were not for the hard work and generosity of the children at St Margaret’s there would be no funds to help others.

By the end of my talk, I left St Margaret’s with a smile on my face, happy in the knowledge that everyone in that assembly, the children, teachers and Link Universal volunteers had come together. By doing so we have helped to make the world just that little bit brighter!

To see a little more of my talk at St Margaret’s check out the video below.







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