Link Universal Ambassadors Review 2017 by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 4:41 pm

2017 has been another action packed year for Link Universal and nowhere has this been seen more readily than with the Link Universal Ambassadors.

These are the people who have really got behind the cause and supported Link Universal where others dread to go!

Some of our Ambassadors are seasoned – those that are always willing to lend a hand year in and year out and nowhere is this seen more readily than with Dorrette Broadhead and Mindy Tagliente.

Dorrette Broadhead


This year Dorrette has raised money with her plant stall, Cake stall, guess the weight of the cake competition and paper round. She actively runs around like a teenager – and although she would never forgive me for revealing her true age – she is not a teenager!

Affectionately known as Moma Bear, Dorrette is definitely a staple at ‘Link Universal’ and only a couple of weeks ago traveled all the way to Nottingham with ‘yours truly’ to give out hot drinks and much needed supplies to the homeless rough sleepers who live on the streets of the city. She had a 4 am start but still got out of bed to help those less fortunate – what a total sweetheart!

When it comes to her love of charity work she explains….

“I support ‘Link Universal’ because I am retired and have extra time on my hands. Also, my Mum was a great ambassador. She was always giving and helping people all of her life and her example rubbed off on me.”

She continues…..

Helping people makes me happy that I have made a difference and I would love to say that I am helping Jesus. Jesus said…..

‘For when I was hungry you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty you gave me something to drink.’

So yes, I think all this work is helpful to humanity and I am blessed to be able to do it!”

Link Universal is so grateful for Moma Bear and the fact that she has supported us from the beginning. That is 11 whole years and this charity would not be the same without her enthusiasm and joy de vivre!

Mindy Tagliente

Now another ambassador who has been with ‘Link Universal’ right from the  beginning is our very own, Fundraising Director, Mindy Tagliente.

As the main fundraiser for the charity it is, of course, her job to raise money for those we support. However Mindy always goes way beyond her job title. She not only organises fundraising events on behalf of the charity but is not afraid to place herself right within the thick of things – if it leads to a new angle in raising money. A point in case – the 2017 ‘Spartan’ race in HK.

Now for those unfamiliar with this event – let me fill you in! The Spartan race is an out and out assault course for children and adults which involves running, climbing, pulling, pushing, crawling through barbed wire, mud and navigating over hills, walls, trees and other such obstacles.

It has been described as hell on earth and is designed to push you to your limits, taking contestants well out of their comfort zones!

“So who would want to do that?” I hear you ask. My thoughts exactly!

However, apparently there are loads of competitive athletic types that don’t mind breaking a nail (or maybe even a leg) to prove that they have got what it takes. Luckily for Link Universal, ‘Mindy’ is one of them!

Mindy managed to beat her last time (yes this isn’t the first time shes completed the race!) by 25 mins finishing the competition in 1 hour 9 minutes! She came 6th out of 110 in her age group and in total, came 223 out of 3111 people. Can you believe that?

The Spartan race is definitely not for everyone and after months of training and then finally completing the course she told me…

“The hardest part of the race was the running. It felt like there were longer running trails than last time. The rope climb is always hard for me as is carrying the big heavy atlas ball. There were a few times when I wanted to stop running and walk but I remembered why I was racing – to raise money for Link Universal.”

What a sport! ‘Mindy’ is such an enthusiastic soul with a competitive spirit who will put her hand to anything if it means that she can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than herself. Aren’t we lucky to have her on Team LU!


Jem Windridge-France


Now a new recruit when it comes to the Link Universal Ambassadors is aspiring actor, model and sports person, the young ‘Jem Windridge-France’. Jem first raised funds for the charity last year with the help of his fellow school pupils of St Margaret’s and his Scouts in Horsforth. Together they raised a substantial amount for The Salt and Light project of Hunedoara, Romania which supports special needs children and adults.

2017 has been no exception.  He made a special appearance at the ‘Link Universal’ and Alwoodley Community Association’sAlwoodley Summer Fayre this year. Being a football enthusiast, Jem was found for most of the day on the pitch, manning the goal post!

Now at high school, Jem is staying actively involved in helping our partners in Hunedoara as he continues to raise money for the special needs individuals that live there. This year he promoted the work that we do at Link Universal via funds raised at his school raffle. When I asked him why he continues to support Link Universal he told me…….

“I think that every little bit helps. I may be young but even I can make a difference in the lives of those who need it. If I can make a difference then so can anyone!”

As Jem is our youngest ever Ambassador, we look upon him as a role model for all those kids out there who would like to get involved in fundraising.

The young are the adults of tomorrow and it is encouraging when they contribute to the body of fundraisers in this country.

Their actions now, their beliefs and mind sets have the ability to change the world for the better. ‘Link Universal’ is so grateful for the support of Jem Windridge-France especially at such a young age!

So, in conclusion, this is a round up of our most prominent Ambassadors for 2017 but there is always room for more in 2018! We encourage anyone who has the fundraising bug to jump on board the train and get involved! If you would like to volunteer for Link Universal  or support us in any way just email and we will take it from there.  For now however and from everybody at ‘Link Universal’, we would like to wish you a blessed and fruitful New Year and All the very best!

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