Stop The Press – Jay Z Will Be Attending The Alwoodley Family Fun Day! by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 5:06 pm


Stop the press – it has been confirmed that Jay Z will be attending the Alwoodley Family Fun Day!

Never let it be said that Link Universal doesn’t bring you the movers and shakers of the music industry and we have really pulled it out of the bag for you this time! We have a celebrity guest, an ‘A’ list on the scene – none other than world famous – Jay Z!

Ok, this may be a slight exaggeration but I did get your attention at least for a minute and thanks to artist and designer ‘Wayne Peverill‘, it’s not an absolute false hood. Wayne has painted and donated this amazing portrait of Jay which

Jay Z portait by Wayne Peverill


will be sold at the Family Fun Day Auction. So in a way Jay Z will be at the Family Fun day – yes? And,

if you’ve ever fancied an original painting of an award winning rapper hanging on your wall then, make sure you’re at the Family Fun Day to make your dream a reality!

However, if the rap scene is not your thing – what about a few fashionable accessories?

Selection of leather and leather/tweed hats and caps by Wayne Peverill


Wayne, who is also a very talented designer, has very kindly donated a number of handmade hats and bags, made from real leather which will be available to purchase at the Family Fun Day Auction.

Fedora style hats leather and leather/tweed mix
Leather and tweed cap
Leather and tweed cap

In fact my Dad and I already own designer hats made by Wayne Peverill and we love them!

Loving my black leather and red stripe Fedora style designer hat by Wayne Peverill.

They are the perfect accessory to dress up any run of the mill outfit and apart from that – they make us look rather cool!



My Dad can always be found on his computer but not without his tan leather Fedora style designer hat by Wayne Peverill! 😉


Now, if you’re a lady after my own heart, you wont be able to do without a new designer handbag every so often. A one of a kind, hand made leather bag adds that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ that you don’t find with an off the shelf alternative.


Brown and cream leather hand held ladies fashion bag


Dark brown, real leather bowler bag


With attention to detail and pure craftsmanship, Wayne Peverill has exceeded him self – so much so, that if you’re at the Family Fun Day Auction, hopefully you won’t find yourself bidding against me! I am so loving those bags 😉 !

Yet on a serious note with Jay Z, designer hats and bags aside,

lets salute Wayne Peverill who is the real star in this line up.

Due to his hard work, creative talent and generosity, he will be helping those less fortunate and we thank him for his kind donations and support of the Link Universal Charity.

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