The End From the Beginning – Link Universal’s Review of 2016 by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 9:38 pm

In Isaiah 46 10, ‘God’ declares

‘I make known the end from the beginning’

He is letting us know that in His omnipotence it is He who will decide the end of any event. In historical context God’s declaration would have been applied to those who prayed to false gods and idols. He is telling them that it isn’t the false gods who determine man’s destiny, it is Him! Many also relate and apply this verse to the end of the world – in fact any event that one can think of because if the truth be told, all things come to an end.


Now that 2016 has come to an end and 2017 begins, I see how God’s statement relates also to years.

If God did not create the end from the beginning then we would never come to the end of one year so as to start the next. For some it can seem a harsh reality that as the years pass, then so do our friends and family. Many of us have friends and family who were alive this time last year but now that 2017 has arrived, they are no longer with us.

With this in mind, Link Universal sees the importance of acting now because tomorrow is not promised.

What a sad realisation, to come to the end of ones life, only to understand that although we were in a position to help those less fortunate, we did not take the opportunity to do so.

As such, this blog piece has been written as a thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers who really got behind Link Universal in 2016. Whether you be a trustee, volunteer, project advocate, adviser, the media, singer/songwriter or if you or your business have donated finances, clothes and/or gifts. Without your heartfelt compassion, Link Universal could not continue to help those in need and we are grateful for your continued support.

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, Link Universal has complied a summary of our 2016 projects and activities in a few words, some pictures and a video. We hope that you enjoy!

The Dil Eyre Project


Project advocate Eve Mc’Grath baked and sold cup cakes at The Holy Rosary Church of Chapeltown, Leeds.

Money raised by the congregation was donated to the ‘Youth Arts Safe Space’ situated in (what was) the Calais refugee camp.

The arts facility was set up with a dual purpose of providing a safe haven and creative outlet for unaccompanied children of the camp.

The Salt and Light Project


Project advocate ‘Jem Windridge France’ of St Margaret’s C of E Primary School in Horsfoth, Leeds, rallied his fellow pupils to raise money for special needs children and adults of Hunedoara, Romania.

Their Note 2 Change fundraising campaign will provide days out for special needs children and adults

who are for the most part shunned within their communities and given no special priorities.

Missione Possibile


Link Universal fundraising director, Mindy Tagliente is the ‘Link Universal’ advocate for the disadvantaged children of Cambodia.

To find out how our partnership with Missione Possibile is helping to aid, educate as well as release children from sex trafficking, click HERE and watch Mindy explain more…..

The Alwoodley Family Fun Day


For summer 2016, ‘Link Universal’ partnered up with The Alwoodley Community Association, Leeds to raise funds for our three European causes.

We were particularly happy to welcome the lovely ‘Kerry Maule’ of Made in Leeds TV and co presenter of The Lowdown Leeds 

She covered the day in her own amicable style creating a real buzz and welcomed exposure for Link Universal and the ACA.

The Found Project


Link Universal partnered up with the Quest Academy (formerly The New generation Academy) of Sofia, Bulgaria in 2015. In 2016 it was my pleasure to finally visit the school and meet with the students of whose education we sponsor.

It is always a good idea to meet each of our children personally so as to gain a better idea of their personalities and dreams for the future.

I am very happy to report that the children did not let me down. Every student was so well behaved, respectful and studious and I also learnt that within the past 20 years of the academy’s existence, past students have gone on to achieve great things.

Cookridge Methodist Church


In December, I had the great pleasure of talking at the Cookridge Methodist Church, Leeds as part of their annual Christmas gift service. I explained about the plight of special needs children in Romanian orphanges and a new project that Link Universal will be launching in 2017 which will concentrate on finding foster carers for these little ones.

The congregation were so generous and have given the project a head start with their financial donations of which ‘Link Universal’ are eternally grateful.

Jumpers Jackets Coats


Every Christmas Link Universal partners up with St Georges Crypt and ‘The Light House’ in central Leeds.

Our supporters donate their Jumpers Jackets and Coats so as to help clothe the Homeless of Leeds.

This is really one of our favourite projects and we are very thankful to the other charities and individuals who donate such good quality items to this cause.

If you have read to the end of this blog post then I would like to thank you very much. If you would like to get involved in our work, then please do drop me an email at

Have a Happy and productive 2017! 🙂







































































































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