This is Jibril Faris – UK Face of the Found Project by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 10:58 am

This is Jibril Faris……


Photo courtesy of Studio 68

You may recognise him from Sky news

Jibril Faris Sky News

when earlier this year, he was interviewed by ‘Eamon Holmes’ after saving the lives of his friends from

a house fire caused by a hover board. If you had the misfortune of missing that, then he was also interviewed on

Good Morning Britain, by the one and only Piers Morgan about his heroic exploits.

Then again you may recognise him as ‘Magic Faris’ an up and coming talented magician whose tricks can be found on ‘You Tube’ and if he plays his cards right, he could be on an upcoming episode of Britain’s Got Talent – you heard it here first!

Personally, I was first made aware of Jibril,

when two of the ‘Link Universal’ trustees met him at a Christmas event that was held at The Leeds Language Academy last December.  He was the entertainment for the evening and managed to impress his captive audience to such an extent that they paid him for his show!

fabril small
Photo courtesy of Studio 68

And this is where the story turns,

because instead of pocketing the money and keeping it for himself, Jibril handed it to a Link Universal trustee and donated it there and then to our charity. I was so impressed when I heard about the generosity of this young boy of only 13 years old that I wanted to know more.  I soon discovered that ‘Jibril’ is a regular at the Leeds Language Academy and was there, most recently, for ‘International Women’s Day’ where he performed a one and half hour show free of charge for the women and children who attended that day. He also raised  a total of £400 for charity, performing his magic tricks  at the Scholes Cricket Club in Holmfirth, where the £200 he raised was matched by a very generous donor.


Photo courtesy of Studio 68

This enigmatic young boy had really caught my attention

which resulted in a quick call to his Dad who handed the phone over to his son and the questions began………

Hi Jibril, thank you so much for your kind donation. Why did you decide to give your money to Link Universal?

For me, giving money to others is not a problem. When I have any spare change I’ll put it in to charity boxes. If I had kept the money, I would only have spent it on chocolates, sweets and stupid things.

And what do you want to be when you get older?

I want to be a magician, a boxer and get a degree in physics.

How long have you been a magician?

I have been doing magic for 9 years now

And why do you want to be a boxer?

I’ve been boxing since I was 7. Boxing keeps you fit and healthy and means that you are not scared of anyone and I can protect others too. My favourite boxer is Mike Tyson.

Why a degree in physics?

I love science and physics. A degree in science gives me something to fall back on.

So, as you can see, this young man has more than one string to his bow. He cares for others and those that are less fortunate and has a very protective nature. He also has the foresight to work hard at school so as to attain good grades just in case his dreams of becoming a magician or boxer are not realised. What a clever young man Jibril is and this year he has agreed to become the face of our Bulgarian cause ‘The Found Project’ where he will be raising even more money to pay for the school fees of orphans who have been taken in by our partners at the New Generation Academy in Sofia.


Now obviously, Jibril can’t raise all the money by himself, which is where you, his friends and family can get involved. If you know Jibril or are moved by his kindness then get in touch and support him by donating or raising money also. If you’re a fellow class mate of Jibril’s, you could do a sponsored walk, silence etc or if you’re an adult, then donate an amount via our account at ‘Instagive’. Either way, why not make a decision today to not only back Jibril  but to give the gift of education to an orphan who has no other choice but to depend on the kindness of strangers. And if a donation is not a possibility at this time, please feel free to share this post and hashtag #TeamJibril on social media because – and as a well known supermarket attests – every little helps!


If you would like to support this cause then please feel free to give using your mobile phone via Instagiv by texting LUUK Team Jibril £5 to  70660 to make a donation of £5 Or to donate more text LUUK Team Jibril £10 to 70660. Or you can donate via Paypal.


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