Help for Stoyan by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 7:43 pm

Introducing Stoyan

Stoyan 6 years old

Stoyan is the younger brother of Boji. At 6 years old he is a bright boy who loves to help others.  He likes to play with puzzles, toy cars and his favorite activity at school is to draw and colour. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

Stoyan’s mother left him and his brother when he was just a baby.  His father is a diagnosed schizophrenic and is unable to care for his sons.

As such, Stoyan and his brother were placed into an institution where they were physically abused.  In August of 2014, they were moved to a care center which is where they now both live.

Due to the neglect and abuse that Stoyan had already experienced in his short life, he was initially quick to play up at school and was known to act aggressively towards his classmates

as well as disobeying his teachers and breaking toys and other property. However, with a lot of patience and loving discipline, Stoyan has begun to trust the teachers at New Generation Academy and is becoming more affectionate and obedient and is beginning to excel in his primary school studies.

However, the center where Stoyan lives is not able to cover his school fees so he must rely on the kind donations of others for his schooling to continue.

We are constantly looking for good Samaritans who are able and willing to help those in unfortunate situations. Could this help come from you?

If you would like to support Stoyan then please feel free to give using your mobile phone via Instagiv by texting LUUK Team Jibril £5 to  70660 to make a donation of £5 Or to donate more text LUUK Team Jibril £10 to 70660. Or you can donate via Paypal.




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