Link Universal, The Found Project and Jibril Faris. by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 4:57 pm

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Link Universal UK

is a registered charity which links with like minded individuals, charities, NGO’s and companies for the empowerment of the underprivileged world wide. With a mission to raise awareness on worldwide social issues and with the help of our partners, Link Universal helps to educate, empower and bring aid to marginalized children, orphans, widows families and adults in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Making a difference in the world in which we live is the driving force behind ‘Link Universal’

and to engage our children – the next generation – in helping those less fortunate is a driving motivation.

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This year Link Universal has partnered up with Jibril Faris, a very special young man who has agreed to be the face of the Found Project which supports the education of orphaned and abandoned children at the New Generation Academy, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Jibril, his friends, family and supporters will be raising funds to pay the school fees which will educate 6 Bulgarian orphans, schooled at The New Generation Academy.

The Found Project – Bulgaria, Sofia

Every 5 hours, in Bulgaria, a child is placed in to an orphanage and every year over 2000 children are abandoned and placed in to institutions. As teenagers, they are then released to a life on the streets. With a lack of education, social skills and family for guidance, these children stand no chance of a ‘normal’ life.

Julia Atkova is the MD of the Found Project and Principal of ‘The New Generation Academy’ – a 20 year old licensed Kindergarten and Primary School in Bulgaria. She believes that

”every child should have an education and a chance in life.”

With 14 members of staff and 60 students, Julia welcomes a number of orphans and neglected children in to her academy and offers them a free education. However, the academy receives no financial support from the government and as such must rely on the kind donations of others to school these children.

The New Generation Academy


By taking marginalised children in to their school and giving them a free education, The New Generation Academy are helping to give a future to abandoned and orphaned children free from the bondage of life on the streets. Please take the time to view the video below which shows a little more about the New Generation Academy, the good work of their staff and the children they support.


If you would like to support this cause then please feel free to give using your mobile phone via Instagiv by texting LUUK Team Jibril £5 to  70660 to make a donation of £5 Or to donate more text LUUK Team Jibril £10 to 70660. Or you can donate via Paypal.





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