Link Universal, the Salt and Light Project and Jem Windridge-France by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 9:50 pm

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Link Universal UK

is a registered charity which links with like minded individuals, charities, NGO’s and companies for the empowerment of the underprivileged worldwide. With a mission to raise awareness on worldwide social issues and with the help of our partners, Link Universal helps to educate, empower and bring aid to marginalized children, orphans, widows families and adults in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Making a difference in the world in which we live is the driving force behind Link Universal and to engage our children – the next generation – in helping those less fortunate is a driving motivation.

Jem Windridge-France

This year Link Universal has partnered up with Jem Windridge-France, a very special young man who has agreed to be the face of the Salt and Light Project which supports the economically deprived city of Hunedoara in Transylvania, Romania. Here, unemployment and poverty is rife as the country moves on from its communist heritage – a transitional period which has so far taken 27 years!

The Salt and Light Project –Hunedoara, Romania.



Due to the hardships faced by the people, missionaries saw a real need to shine a light in a dark place and give the community hope for a better future. They raised funds, purchased a building and named it The Bethlehem Center. Used as a community meeting point and resource center for the poverty stricken, the staff and volunteers depend on the charitable giving of others to keep the center running.


As such, the UK based, Salt and Light Project raises funds and sends volunteers and resources to the Bethlehem Center, bringing humanitarian aid to this community. Amongst other priorities, the project focusing on the education of the local children and adults, it gives support to the elderly, those with special needs and the children of the local orphanage.


Due to the fundraising of kind strangers, the community of Hunedoara now have access to free meals, clothes, a free dental service, educational lessons for the community and even a laundry to wash their clothes. To finally have access to services and products that we take for granted is a real blessing for those in need. As such and with a special focus on healing the community, the Bethlehem Center brings not only physical aid but encouragement to a hurting people with nowhere else to go.


If you would like to support this cause then please feel free to give using your mobile phone via Instagiv by texting LUUK Team Jem £5  to 70660 to make a donation of £5 Or to donate more text LUUK Team Jem £10 to 70660. Or you can donate via Paypal.

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