The Gift of Books from Penguin Random House by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 10:15 pm


Are there any potential novelists within our midst?

Have you always wanted to write a book – to share your story and ideas? Well I just might have the perfect solution for you.

Penguin Random House UK is is a truly global publishing company which connects the world with the stories, ideas and writing that matters.

A champion of diverse authors this company has the ability to bring the writer’s stories to life whether it be via the traditional method of printed books, ‘e’ or audio books.

Along with interactive apps, blockbuster films, TV shows, radio, theater productions, live events and social media, Penguin Random House is proving to be a forward thinking leader in the industry.

Known especially for their wide range of children’s books, they are particularly adept at creating and re-introducing old heroes and classic stories for each new generation, For example can you remember Dennis the Menace, The Wizard of Oz, Black Beauty, the Jungle Book and Peter Pan the first time round? Well all these titles can still be bought for the youngsters but with a fresh twist!

classic chidrens books

Then there are the books for adults which in-cooperates quality, bestselling and prize winning authors from all over the globe

who have a love for story telling and a natural curiosity about relating the world around us. Well noted authors such as  John Le Carre, Nick Hornby, Emma Healy,  Zadie Smith and Colm Toibin, showcase a wide range a fiction and non-fiction novels for avid readers to chose from.



So imagine our delight when Link Universal discovered that Penguin Random House UK had donated a number of children’s and adult’s books to the ‘Link Universal’ Family Fun Day

helping us to raise money for the European causes we champion.



With the children’s favourite which is Percy Pig and a selection of novels for the grown ups, Link Universal are truly grateful for such a kind gift and thank Penguin Random House UK for their support.



So whether you are a gifted writer who would like to see your work in print or just love the escapism of reading a really good book, make sure you check out a leading publishing house, Penguin Random House UK.

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