This is Eve McGrath – UK Face of the Dil Eyre Project by Ann Marie Broadhead-Palmisano

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 9:05 pm

This is Eve McGrath

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Eve McGrath, in her own words, is just a ‘normal girl’ but she knows that she has been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively and had many amazing experiences that few would describe as ‘just ordinary’

In her 12 years, she has already been to many a far-flung country including Thailand, Hong Kong, Croatia, Sri-Lanka, Singapore, Italy, Morocco, the Philippines, Egypt, the USA and Malaysia.

With a real zest for life and a passionate, fearless nature, Eve has most recently found herself in South Africa cage diving in the ocean with great white sharks and getting close up and personal on safari with wild leopards and lions!


eve fierless shark cage diver

Whatever Eve does, she always gives it 100%. She is a straight ‘A’ student and loves both the academic and social side of school. She also has a passion for music and dance, taking tap, jazz, contemporary and street dance classes each week and performing at high profile events on a regular basis.

But it’s her love of travel that has proved to be a real eye-opener for Eve and helping to shape her outlook on life. On her many trips around the world she has been exposed to children who are not lucky enough to enjoy the basic necessities which she takes for granted on a daily basis, such as running water, electricity and access to medical care. She also realises that, unfortunately, we live in a world where an education remains inaccessible for millions of children with more than 72 million of primary school age not attending a school of any kind.

Eve understands that she is in a privileged position and as such she aims to do her very best, not only for herself but for others. On many occasions, she has donated her clothes, shoes and toys for underprivileged children that Link Universal supports in Jamaica and Kenya which has been a blessing to children who would usually go without.eve's donations

I wanted to know more about Eve and why she agreed to become the face of the Dil Eyre project, helping to raise money to provide aid for the vulnerable women, children and families residing in the refuge camp of Calais.

Hi Eve, we at Link Universal are so thankful for your support in helping to raise funds for the Dil Eyre project. We have all seen the devastating conditions that women, children and families are living in at the refugee camps in Calais. What is it that made you want to reach out and help?

I think that every person should have access to clean and healthy living conditions. If I can help in any way to send aid to those less fortunate – then this makes me happy.


You are an extensive traveler. Which have been your most favourite countries and why?

I can’t really pick a favourite country because I’ve been to so many countries and they are all so different! I can say that when I go to places like the Philippines or South Africa or anywhere like that, I see lots of poverty and people who are less fortunate than me.  I feel really lucky and privileged to have seen these things.

You are very lucky to go to a great school and receive a good education. How does it make you feel to know that the children in the Calais camps are missing out on school?

It’s really sad that children in Calais are missing out on education because they are missing out on their chance in life to do something better. I think every child should have the right to receive an education and therefore be given a chance to make a living!

I see you as a role model to many girls as you work hard at school, enjoy the arts and support charitable causes also. What is your wish for the children of your generation in the UK and worldwide?

This generation has grown up with war and fighting and poverty for no reason so I hope that my generation will learn from everyone else’s mistakes and make peace in the future to stop war and poverty and help each other.

Sri lanka Milk feeding at the elephant orphanage

At 12 years old, you already have many achievements under your belt. What would you like to be when you get older?

I don’t know what I would like to do when I’m older as I have not really thought about it! I will think about it more when the time comes.

So, as you can see, Eve is an awe-inspiring young lady and as this year’s face of the ‘Dil Eyre’ Project, she is responsible for raising funds to aid those women, children and families who have found themselves in the Calais refuge camps.

Now obviously, Eve can’t raise all the money by herself, which is where you, her friends and family can get involved. If you know Eve or are moved by her kindness then get in touch and support her by donating or raising money also. If you’re a fellow class mate of Eve’s, you could do a sponsored walk, silence etc or if you’re an adult, then donate an amount via our account at ‘Instagive’. Either way, why not make a decision today to not only back Eve but to help those less fortunate than yourself? Give a helping hand to the women, children and families who call the unhealthy and often dangerous living conditions of the Calais refugee camp home. Let them know that someone out there can see their distress and is willing to do something about it.

To keep an eye on Eve’s fundraising progress on social media or indeed to spread the word of her fundraising please hashtag #TeamEve.


If you would like to support this cause then please feel free to give using your mobile phone via Instagiv by texting LUUK Team Eve £5 to  70660 to make a donation of £5 Or to donate more text LUUK Team Eve £10 to 70660. Or you can donate via Paypal.






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